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“Synergy- the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously…” – Mark Twain

Over the last 30 years ARGI has created synergy with thousands of human resource teams in progressive organizations. During that time, we have served individuals, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, as well as medium to large corporations in MA and throughout the New England Region who are in transition. We have helped them get to the next level.

As an HR consulting services firm in MA, we have provided HR Consulting Services, Outplacement Services as well as coaching services that have consistently met and exceeded expectations and objectives of our client organizations.

As an HR Consulting services firm in MA, Accurate Resource Group Inc.'s "A" team connects with you and/or your team to provide customized services that produce great results.

Formerly known as Accurate Staffing Services Inc, and located in Worcester MA for 21 years, we provided temporary staffing, search services and HR Consulting services to businesses in the MA area.

Now Accurate Resource Group, Inc. located in Westborough, MA since 2007 no longer provides the temporary staffing services but does provide search services in the Human Resource and Executive level arena. We also provide HR Consulting, Outplacement Services and Support to human resource groups in small sized organizations/corporations. In addition, we provide support to the soloprenneur the small entrepreneur and small business owner.

ace the interview land your dream job down the ebook Don't Interview- AuditionOn the Job Seeker side, we provide HUMAN RESOURCE job placement services in all aspects of an HR career path and for Executives as well as career transition services and options for a plan B, for those who are looking to advance their career outside the corporate setting.

We are heavily involved in the local community at Accurate Resource Group, Inc. We also have a local, regional and expanding reach beyond... through the use of technology and cutting edge services. This means that we can better serve a larger population and therefore help more people than in past years. We are able to help more people with more challenges and so we may be able to help YOU! We are very excited to enhance our reach and impact the lives of those who we serve.

Whether you are an individual or group of individuals within an organization or seeking a new career path, our HR Consulting services firm in MA provides you with Career Transition Services/Career Management Services and will help propel you through your process and help you move forward, quickly.

Over the last 30 years we have listened to the people and the organizations we serve and have evolved our services to meet their changing expectations. What this means to you is that chances are that our value added services will be of interest to you and have the impact that you are seeking! 

Why not put our expertise to work to help you move ahead to the next level! Please call our HR Consulting services firm in MA today for a free consultation and blueprint to see if we would be a good match for you and your objectives. Let's see if our A team can help you and your team!!