Small Business Outplacement Services

We work with small Hispanic woman leading diverse group of young business people in training seminarbusinesses when they need to transition one or more key employees, managers and/or executives out of their company. Rather than offer them unemployment, we can offer them options and a strategy for re-employment. Doesn't that make sense?

By working with our Small Business Outplacement Services, an entrepreneurial company can enhance internal morale and perhaps assist a valued employee who cannot make the changes, leaps and transformation needed for entrepreneurs to grow and sustain their business.

Oftentimes, it is not the fault of the valued employees, but a reflection of changing needs within the small business environment.

Other companies at certain times in their life cycles, facing a merger or acquisition or due to economic ups and downs, changes in business lines and/or technology need to reorganize their workforce. This reorganization could look like a reduction in force in some cases.

Many business owners, managers, office managers, and executives need resources at this juncture and turn towards Accurate Resource Group Inc who provide various levels of  small business outplacement services.  We provide boutique resources to boutique companies.

We can give the displaced employee (s) some tools to get re-employed as well as lessening the separation costs for the employer; and all the while strengthening the company image within their company and the business community... making it a WIN-WIN for both parties.

Helping the former employees in this way is a good will effort. It puts the company in a more positive light not only with the former employees, but the ones remaining at the company as well as well as a more positive reputation within the local, regional and the larger community in general.

dont interview -  auditionOur participants receive a copy of our E-book: DON'T INTERVIEW...AUDITION  and other value added components to help them move ahead in their career transition!

Separation Costs On The Rise

With the challenging economy over the last several years, more employees on a company’s unemployment roles, the continuing extension of unemployment benefits AND other related costs associated with reduction in force efforts, companies are paying more AFTER the employee is off the payroll than ever before!

What are your separation costs today?? Would it make sense to offer outplacement services that truly assist ALL segments of your former employees in the effort to help them get onto their next career?? What is the future for your company if you DON’T get your separation costs under control??

How much money could your company save?? How much of the salary and benefits overhead costs that are recouped by a company during a reduction in force are actually REDUCED by all of the separation costs?? You will see cost saving by working with our small business outplacement programs

How do you keep the separation costs under control?? One way is for the displaced workers to get re employed QUICKLY. That is how ARGI can help you through our small business outplacement services.

Why Work with ARGI?

retail outplacementThere are many benefits of working with Accurate Resource Group, Inc. One benefit is that we offer the same services as the largest outplacement firms, but at a tremendous cost savings. Our boutique services are well suited to small business and the entrepreneur.

Another benefit is that ARGI can provide the same caliber of services that you are used to experiencing with our other business lines for small business and entrepreneurs as well. In addition, we offer a range of services from complimentary to cost effective and cutting edge..all to fit your budget!

Another benefit is that in many cases you have worked with us in the search and placement realm or in the Human Resource Consulting arena over the last 30 years…and you have come to trust us. You can expect the same high caliber of services and results at a very cost effective price tag.

If you haven’t worked with us in our other business lines, we would love to discuss small business/entrepreneurial options with you so that you are comfortable that you will be able to choose and receive the level and scope of services that your organization deserves.

Let us customize a program that will achieve your objectives, work well with your budget while supporting your displaced workers, helping improve company morale and save you money at the same time. The investment you spend with ARGI will reap many rewards.

For a conversation/demonstration on how these services work, call us to start saving money and improving company morale today.

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