FAQ's About Our Human Resource Services


QUESTION: Can you help us with recruiting as you have in the past?

ANSWER: YES. Let us know what your recruiting challenges and needs are and we can help you.

QUESTION: What if I am a small business and need to hire…but have a smaller budget? Can you help?

ANSWER: YES. We have a model for small business owners.


QUESTION: I am a small business owner and need help growing my business and don't know where to start. Can you help?

ANSWER: YES. You will work with our small business owner to look at solutions for your people, profits and planet.


QUESTION: Can you help with temporary staffing since you have done that for so many years?

ANSWER: YES. Let us know what your needs are and we will provide a quick, easy and effective solution.


QUESTION: What if I need information about salary ranges as I haven’t hired in a while.

ANSWER: YES we can help you with what we are seeing in the labor market now and can provide you with information in many cases.


QUESTION: What if I need to lay off a valued employee; who through no fault of their own, we need to transition out of the organization. Can you help?

ANSWER: YES. You should talk to us about how we can support that effort and help them transition into re-employment through our outplacement services.


QUESTION: What if I have a group of employees who need to be transitioned out of the organization. We have a small budget and would like to offer them some assistance. Can you help us with that?

ANSWER: YES. We have several programs that could work that vary in cost and scope while being valuable in helping your displaced employees to transition to re-employment. We specialze in helping small groups transition back into new roles.


QUESTION: I am a small business owner and looking to hire my first employee (s). What do I do first? What process should I follow? Can you help me?

ANSWER: Yes we can help you create a process to follow that will achieve great results.


QUESTION: What if I want to know if my hiring practices are up to speed and also are going to help me identify top talent for my small business? Can you help?

ANSWER: YES. We can do an assessment of your hiring practices and make suggestions on enhancements that will help ensure that you are using all of the tools to hire top talent. We can also assist in best practices and compliant hiring practices as well.


QUESTION:  We are a larger organization with many employees. I notice you are focusing on small business. Can you help us?

ANSWER: YES.  Our services are scalable and we can provide options for the larger organization to meet their objectives. We have many years of experience in helping large organizations.


QUESTION: I am a small business owner and wear too many hats. Where do I start in giving some of them away? Can you help?

ANSWER: Yes, we can help you remove them as it would make sense for you and your small business.


QUESTION:  I am a small business owner and I got into business to create a better mousetrap...so to speak. I find myself caught up in the day to day nitty gritty and am feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Can you help?

ANSWER: Yes, we can help you to get back into your genius zone, and work with the aspects of your business that are helping to promote your vision and the reason why you got into business in the first place.


QUESTION: What if I have had some turnover and want to do something to fix it…can you help?

ANSWER: YES. We can perform an assessment of your regular employees, your recent hires and look at the factors that would factor into turnover and make recommendations to help you reduce your turnover.


QUESTION: I have an HR Office Manager/IT Manager/ Accounting Manager/Operations Manager but they don’t have time to take on an HR due diligence project that needs to be completed. Can you help??

ANSWER: YES. We can off load your HR projects from your manager who wears many hats in addition to the HR hat within your organization. That is what we do.


QUESTION: I have a dedicated HR professional/Manager/Director, but they need help from time to time with various HR projects. Can you help me?

ANSWER: YES. Let’s talk about your challenges and perform an assessment and solutions that can help you keep your HR person/group on track.


QUESTION: What if I want to hire a REALLY good employee just like another really good employee… It seems some of our hiring is hit or miss recently. How do I do that? Can you help?

ANSWER: YES. We can help you assess the core competencies that go into your top performing employee (s), and make recommendations so that you can hire the right fit more consistently.


QUESTION: I  was very happy to have hired a new employee recently who has the skills for the role they are hired in,  and at the right salary and have trained them for the last couple of weeks and they are doing a wonderful job…and their supervisor tells me that they don’t like working here. What do I do now? Can you help me fix this?

ANSWER: YES. We will do an assessment that will help you to stop wasting time hiring folks who will turn out to not like working for you.


QUESTION: I am a small company and can’t offer the salaries that big corporations offer. How do I hire someone in our salary range, who has the skills and talent to do my job (s)?? Can you help?

ANSWER: YES. We can show you how to pay less for raw talent and actually have them have the skills and talent to perform satisfactorily at your company…. and all the while hiring a LOYAL employee.


QUESTION: I recently hired an employee and during the interview, it seemed that they had the skills we were looking for and they would be a good fit. Now that they have been in the role a short while, they seem to be having several challenges with the basics of the job role. Why didn’t my interview process show me that they wouldn’t be a good fit? Can you help me?

ANSWER: YES. We can work with you to strengthen the interview process so that you hire folks who are better fits for your company.