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Employee Engagement Strengthens Your Workforce

Posted on Fri, Feb 03, 2012

 Did You Know...???
As a way of testing your knowledge as an employer in regards to your competitiveness as an employer in the marketplace…. hiring or thinking of hiring in 2012….here are some questions that progressive and strategic thinking employers should be able to answer…. And more importantly have a strategic plan in place to address!

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  • Which state has the lowest unemployment rate ….?? Is it YOUR STATE??
  • What companies do 78% of the hiring in  the U. S.??
  • What the hottest hiring sectors are going to be going forward from here towards 2018??
  • What jobs rose 15% in 2010 and are continuing to grow at a strong clip in 2012 and  2013??
  • That 16% of companies have job openings and that 7% are looking to hire within the next three months.
To see the answers to these questions and more on the economy going into 2012 check this out!
According to The Street article on 12.15.2011..Jobless Levels Sink to the Lowest Since 2008 
The TOP 6 Things that SAVVY EMPLOYERS have been focusing on to strengthen their workforce into 2012!!
These are things that we see happening at some of the organizations we work with and some do it all on their own, some use outside assistance and some do a better job than others. Some organizations have yet to come to terms with the following.
  1. A plan to attract, retain and grow their top performers …a company’s greatest asset.
  2. A plan to transition those employees that are no longer needed in their workforce without creating ill will and while protecting their bottom line by controlling the unemployment, outplacement, and employer transition costs.
  3. A plan to transition their top management into retirement and how they can transition them into a NEW PATH while protecting their bottom line and minimizing separation costs.
  4. A plan to retain your top performers with up to 60% turnover historically expected with the recovering economy.
  5. A training plan that will enhance the skills of valued employees, leadership/executive development training and other training to help with the retention of their top performers.
  6. A plan to continually enhance their culture and their brand in order to attract, retain and grow their top performers.

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         Kathy Barron's TOP 8 Tips for Engaging Your Workforce

  • Salary increases has always been one way to help engage your employees. In recent years, it has not always been possible for companies to continue with salary increases, but now we see increases happening more frequently.
  • Training Programs to keep your employees learning, staying on the cutting edge of skills continues to be a favorite. Growing your employees is a good way to keep them engaged and therefore assists with retention which is favorable to replacement. Some companies recognize this and have continued to do this for key employees, management and others during the GREAT RECESSION and recovering economy.
  • Recognition is another way to keep your teams engaged. There are many form of recognition and due to tight finances companies have become very creative. It does not need to be a monetary reward. What is your company doing to recognize their top performers?
  • Asking for input on strategies, company services, direction, culture etc. are good ways to involve your workforce in having influence over their jobs, company direction and work environment. Some use a suggestion box and other employers take a more progressive approach. Has your company used INPUT from employees to shape the work plan, environment or strategies??
  • Enhancing company BENEFITS is another way to keep employees engaged. This may be done via a confidential survey. One way is to create a wellness program. This engages employees and helps the company's bottom line with skyrocketing insurance costs, workers compensation claims, attendance, and performance. Using the FLEX card for various trainings makes it cost effective on both the employer and employee!
  • Instituting or reinstituting a 401k plan, even if it starts out with just a small match can make the difference between an okay or good employer. The employee can see a future, if this type of company support is in place.
  • Some companies are working with an employee owned model. This has been successful for various employers and they find that they have more productive, involved and ultimately engaged employees as well as better services, profit margin and more.
  • Work/life balanced companies who are family friendly helps to engage employees across the four generations in the current workplace. One example could be a job share situation.
  • Companies that recognize the value of its workforce and "PROMOTE" them through all of the above methods are winning the war on talent. How does your company fare?

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