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Employee Engagement: The Part It Plays in Productivity

Posted on Tue, Mar 13, 2012

Did you know…???

According to a recent study conducted by the ADP Research Institute reveals a strong correlation between employee engagement and productivity with “Maximizing Employee Productivity” as one of the top 3 essential strategies small to medium sized companies use to maintain a competitive edge.

According to this study it further goes on to say that:
“The top 4 programs that increase employee productivity in small to medium size companies are:

  1. Training and Development- 82%
  2. Employee Self-Service Tools- 29%
  3. Wellness Programs- 25%
  4. Employee Assistance Programs- 11%”
The study also explains that:
describe the image“Current research demonstrates the correlation between employee engagement and productivity — and an average of 12% higher profits for companies with highly engaged employees.2 Companies with growth on their minds know that investments in training and other tools are the first step to a more engaged workforce.”

Small to medium sized companies are doing okay with the Employee Wellness Programs as a SHRM Executive Report “Wellness Strategies to Improve Employee Health, Performance and the Bottom Line” on our last week’s blog…. States from their research that “more than 80 percent of companies with 50 or more employees are engaged in some form of employee wellness program”

Although some companies have lagged during the Great Recession, in their training efforts, there seems to be a resurgence of training and time will tell if these enhanced training efforts will stem the tide of upcoming employee exodus during the recovery period.

Self Service Tools do lower HR service delivery costs as well as keeping employees engaged. They also can provide social tools and mobility. So there are definitely some pluses here.

Employee Assistance Programs are also in the mix to improve productivity and have sophisticated portals that offer 24/7 service on multiple program models. They help with the delivery of consistent services and integrate with work-life and employee wellness programs.

Does all of this seem too automated and too impersonal? I guess it is up to the individual provider of services to address this question and others and then it is left up to the HR professionals to balance service and efficiency of service/automation…Sometimes not a real choice as companies are looking to streamline costs.

Where is the balance? What would you recommend for your company?

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