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As The World Turns….in MA

Posted on Mon, Feb 28, 2011

map of massachusettsAccording to a recent AIM (Associated Industries of Massachusetts) 2010 HR Practices Report that you may have read, 61% of employers in MA report current business conditions are good to excellent!

In the same report companies reported modest increases in salaries in 2011 and less companies freezing and lowering salaries as in the past two years.

In addition, the report talks about companies are putting dollars into training, but still have challenges taking the employee off the job to do it. They also have questions about what program is best and the cost. For more details, click here.

All of this is good news and identifying top talent is a key to maintaining good business levels.

Did you know that 80% of your new hires will turn out NOT to be top performers within the first 12 months of hire?? What can you do to prevent that from happening to your company??

Talk to us about how we can help reduce that number significantly… After all, you have made it through the recovery so far, we can help you avoid that financial drain.

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