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Talent shortages were a factor prior to this recession…and they continue…

Posted on Mon, Nov 15, 2010

Prior to the declining economy, top talent was in short supply. The fact that the baby boomers are leaving the market in very large numbers and that business sectors are picking people up again….the shortage will continue and continue to become larger as the economy continues to recover.

Adding insult to injury, the newer talent coming into the ranks is in lesser supply than the drain at the top. Add to that that during an upswing, many employees look at changing positions. Progressive companies are working on strategic plans to retain key employees and ways to attract new talent.

According to an article in Staffing Industry Review last month in September…NEARLY ONE-THIRD OF EMPLOYERS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT TOP TALENT LEAVING.

What is your company doing about the drain??

One light at the end of the tunnel is that baby boomers are not all together ready to leave the job market…they just want a different level and job role… and many of them are retooling their skills and doing anything from consulting, internships and part time employment.

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