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Posted on Wed, Jun 16, 2010

<h3>LUNCH AND LEARNS are very cost effective for companies looking for quick training snippets that can be reinforced in smaller groups.</h3>
<p>As hiring levels increase within certain sectors in the local economy, employers are concerned about training budgets and look for lunch and learns as a way to get important messages to groups, departments, management and others in a fun, less formal and cost effective ways.</p>
<h2><strong>Some lunch and learn topics that can be tailored to your needs include:</strong></h2>
<li>* Is your personal brand in reinforcing your corporate brand and therefore your quotient for promotion in the area of your business image?</li>
<li>* Wellness at work: Do you want to feel better at work- What can you do to have more energy and enhance your productivity and &ldquo;promote ability&rdquo; ??</li>
<li>* Management Group- Now that we are hiring again&hellip;how do we retain our top employees?</li>
<h3>Talk to us if you want to conduct a lunch and learn or other training program.</h3>

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