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As The World Turns….in MA

Posted on Mon, Feb 28, 2011

According to a recent AIM (Associated Industries of Massachusetts) 2010 HR Practices Report that you may have read, 61% of employers in MA report current business conditions are good to excellent!

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New Year, New Budgets, New Business, New Growth…

Posted on Wed, Jan 26, 2011

We are seeing more hiring happening this month than last year at this time… Indeed the economy is moving forward and it has evolved. With the new economy comes not only a challenge but many opportunities for growth! If we can readjust our business “lens” then we may be able to look at them as opportunities and drive our companies forward!

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Giving Thanks…Right From The Heart!

Posted on Wed, Nov 24, 2010

Maybe it is easier as the economic times have been challenging, to stop and be thankful for all the GOOD that we have in our lives! The economy has given many of us a good mirror to reflect on the abundance we have, although it may not be what we have seen in the past. Maybe it is less or maybe more, but despite the artificial measuring stick of “things” that we have…we have many people in our lives to give thanks to…!!

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Talent shortages were a factor prior to this recession…and they continue…

Posted on Mon, Nov 15, 2010

Prior to the declining economy, top talent was in short supply. The fact that the baby boomers are leaving the market in very large numbers and that business sectors are picking people up again….the shortage will continue and continue to become larger as the economy continues to recover.

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Dress for Success Worcester’s Second Annual Gala

Posted on Mon, Nov 01, 2010

Dress for Success Worcester’s Second Annual Gala held last month on October 23rd at The Beechwood Hotel WAS a total success!!

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Giving Back to The Community

Posted on Wed, Sep 29, 2010

As a business owner for the last 24 years, I believe it is important to give back to people in the community. I have been very fortunate over the years and feel that there are many less fortunate people that can use support to help them and their families survive and then ultimately thrive. If I can be a part of helping drive that effort, then I am happy to help.

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It’s summertime…and the living is easy…or is it?

Posted on Wed, Jun 30, 2010

Sometimes it is NOT easy as most businesses are trying to do more with less and now vacation time is here so they are doing more with a LOT less!!

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More Compensation Questions Arising as the Economy Recovers

Posted on Wed, Jun 23, 2010

We are seeing more questions about compensation as the local and regional economy recovers. I guess it is no surprise. I believe at least a couple of things are happening here. First, as the economy recovers, companies want to retain good employees/management and executives who have helped them navigate through the last two or more uncertain economic times. Secondly, companies who haven’t hired in a while want to see what salaries are out there in an attempt to pay equitably, but certainly not over pay for their open roles.

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Posted on Wed, Jun 16, 2010

<h3>LUNCH AND LEARNS are very cost effective for companies looking for quick training snippets that can be reinforced in smaller groups.</h3>
<p>As hiring levels increase within certain sectors in the local economy, employers are concerned about training budgets and look for lunch and learns as a way to get important messages to groups, departments, management and others in a fun, less formal and cost effective ways.</p>
<h2><strong>Some lunch and learn topics that can be tailored to your needs include:</strong></h2>
<li>* Is your personal brand in reinforcing your corporate brand and therefore your quotient for promotion in the area of your business image?</li>
<li>* Wellness at work: Do you want to feel better at work- What can you do to have more energy and enhance your productivity and &ldquo;promote ability&rdquo; ??</li>
<li>* Management Group- Now that we are hiring again&hellip;how do we retain our top employees?</li>
<h3>Talk to us if you want to conduct a lunch and learn or other training program.</h3>
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Accurate Resource Group, Inc. Receives 2010 Best of Westborough Award

Posted on Fri, May 07, 2010

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, May 7, 2010 — For the second consecutive year, Accurate Resource Group, Inc. has been selected for the 2010 Best of Westborough Award in the Human Resource Consulting Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

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