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Small Business,10 Things to Do BEFORE Interviewing

Posted on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

As A Small Business Owner....

One of the many challenges that small business owners face is duplicating themselves or pieces of themeselves so that they can focus on the big picture of why you went into business in the first place. Too many times the small business owner gets stuck in the day to day minutia and get frustrated and/or overwhelmed.

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Employee Wellness Programs: Outsourcing to Your Wellness Team

Posted on Wed, Mar 07, 2012

Did You Know That…“Presenteeism costs actually far exceed the costs of absenteeism and other health-related losses incurred by organizations?”

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Employee Retention: Identifying Your Remarkable Employees

Posted on Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Do you know...What makes employees remarkable?? Being a business owner for over 20 years, I have had the good fortune of hiring, and supervising  some remarkable employees. You know them when you work with them. You wish all of your employees were like them. According to an article this month in INC Magazine, there are EIGHT QUALITIES OF REMARKABLE EMPLOYEES. for more

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Employee Engagement Strengthens Your Workforce

Posted on Fri, Feb 03, 2012

 Did You Know...???
As a way of testing your knowledge as an employer in regards to your competitiveness as an employer in the marketplace…. hiring or thinking of hiring in 2012….here are some questions that progressive and strategic thinking employers should be able to answer…. And more importantly have a strategic plan in place to address!

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