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As a professional, manager or executive seeking a new opportunity, our experts can work with you to validate your marketability and help you put together a strategic career transition services program with achievable results.

Through our individual or group programs you will obtain all the tools and a solid blueprint to ensure that you will be able to successfully navigate through the job search process from start to finish. We will work with you through a proven process that will ensure that you will identify all the steps and the level of activity needed to obtain job offers. For the last 3 decades we have helped people get job offers!

We offer varied career transition services and resources to assist you in your career advancement efforts. You have the option to utilize one, several or all of them or select any combination that works for you!

As part of our career transition services, you will receive a copy of our E-book: DON'T INTERVIEW...AUDITION and access to our career portal!

The techniques and skills you will use as a result of these services can be used from here forward in all of your career transitions moving forward! These services are a wise investment in YOU and your future!

dont interview bookFINE TUNE YOUR AUDITION (interviewing) SKILLS

Let our experienced consultants assist you by finessing your interview style. If you haven’t explored a career opportunity in a while, we encourage you take advantage of our expertise to assist you in helping you audition for your new role. By reviewing some key strategies, your consultant can put you at ease and walk you through the career transition services process to obtain the role that you seek. We can help you either directly through our job placement services and/or we will offer you additional resources to help ensure that you can identify targets for you to pursue on your own.


As part of the career transition services process, it is critical that your image is at its best whether you are a professional or in management or a part of the executive team. We can advise you on your image to package you for success and give you the look that will work for you and accomplish your career goals. Our certified image enhancement consultants will help you get the image that will work for you! If you do NOT look the will NOT get the role. This hasn't changed over the last 30 years. We can connect you with resources to purchase or enhance your interviewing and professional wardrobe. Services are for men and women in the workplace.If you are currently employed and want to move into a leadership, management or executive role this program is invaluable for you!


Each of us has our personal brand. We want to ensure that your personal brand is working well for you in achieving your career goals. There is not one component that is unimportant…Each aspect of your personal brand is critical and we help you understand and enhance your personal brand in the career transition services process. If you need assistance with presentation skills or other areas, we have the resources for you to work with in these areas as well.


Maybe you have one or two challenges facing you in the career transition services process. Perhaps your list is longer if you haven’t been in the job market for a long time or are changing careers or if you have been in one industry for a long time. Or perhaps you never needed a resume until now…you always found your next role through word of mouth…

No matter how long your list is or if you don’t know if you have a list or what should go on the list…we can help you put it all together! If you submit your challenges, roadblocks and concerns about finding your next career opportunity, we will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours in most cases, to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our career transition experts.You will take the worry, frustration, wonder out of the process with a solid program to move ahead!!

LOOKING FOR A NEW CAREER PATH?                         


If your path no longer suits you, your talents, abilities and career needs, we can help you look at options for a new career path. Through our discovery process we will work with you to clarify your career needs, challenges and objectives and what path(s) could work for you.

Through a variety of assessments we can help you drill down on your career values, skills and occupational interests. You will also be able to identify areas where you will excel, areas of development as well as areas to avoid in a new career path.

This change of career direction can be used in conjunction with our job search program which provides the tools and resources to conduct an effective job search.

Whether you are looking in the same career direction or a new one, we can help you get there in an enhanced 2.0 version; an effective person with the skills to perform a successful career transition! An investment in you and your career is a wise investment! We will provide you with key information, tools and resources for you to take with you for the rest of your career!   


"Good news! I have found a position in the insurance industry as 
a case manager. The culture seems to be exactly what I was looking for and the pay more than 
I would have thought for the position. So I'm happy!Thanks again for all your assistance and the follow up. I learned so much from you and tried to apply all of it. "                                   Donna- Case Manager, Insurance Company


"I had been with the same company for 25 years and found myself unexpectedly laid off. I had no resume, hadn't interviewed in that many years, no Linked In page and was pretty much in shock. I knew I needed some career transition help. I reached out to Kathy Barron at Accurate Resource Group Inc and she enrolled me in their ten session career transition program. Shortly thereafter I had a wonderful resume, a professional LinkedIn page and understood all I needed to do to obtain job offers!! A week before the program ended, I had a job offer for more money than my last job and I am so happy!! How can it get any better?? I can take all that I learned in How to Conduct a Successful Job Search and use it from here forward in my career.. Thank you Kathy, you helped make the transition easier than I had anticipated!! "                    Jane, Senior Planner


"I am so appreciative to Kathy for all that she has done for me. During our time working together, Kathy went out of her way to meet my learning needs so that I could get the most out of her course. When I finished, my toolbox was filled with new and inventive ways of finding and keeping a job." Dave, Teacher


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