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For the last 30 years Accurate Resource Group Inc. has worked with professionals, managers, management and executives in many varied industries. We have worked with human resource professionals including HR managers, HR senior management and HR executives to find good career opportunities. We have helped many in their job search and have helped enhance their lives with new opportunities in Central MA, MA and New England region.

We specialize in placement in human resource jobs at all levels as well as the placement of executives within major organizations throughout the region!

The companies we work with are in many industries including financial, software development, bio-tech, bio-engineering, technology, medical, health-care, manufacturing, academic, non profit, and others in the Central MA, MA and New England region.

We work with you to target the right opportunity to enhance your career.

We pay particular attention to your needs, the type of fit, income goals and longer term growth and develop an understanding of what you are looking for in a good career move. By listening to your goals and working in partnership with you to achieve your goal, we bring you only meaningful opportunities to preview.

You will notice the difference when you work with Accurate. Our personalized and comprehensive approach involves asking more questions and spending the necessary time to fully understand your needs and objectives, helping you to achieve the desired results from your job search.

It is all about you and the type of fit you seek.

Does the opportunity make sense for the short term and in the bigger picture? Is the culture fit there as well? Is it a good progression for what you are trying to accomplish? If the work/life balance appropriate for you? Will you enjoy getting up and going to work each day?

We want to achieve the results that will work for you. We will coach you and help you navigate through the process of changing job roles. We are here to make it less stressful and help ensure that it is a positive and productive experience. Call today for a consultation and see if our job search services can help you meet your career objectives.

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