Professional Image Building

Does your business image help you stand out ??

person standing out in the crowd

Accurate Resource Group Inc. offers professional image building services consulting to professionals, managers, management, senior executives, job candidates, speakers, trainers, sales professionals and individuals looking to professionalize their image and personal presentation.


Many of us put effort into our professional business image when we are seeking a new job...but how many of us assure that our image at work is at its best and is helping us to enhance our careers once we have the job??


Can you answer these questions about your professional image building knowledge?

  • Do you know what aspect of your image will age you the most??

  • Do you know what the most important aspect of your business image is?

  • How much time do you put into enhancing your business image every week and on a monthly basis?

  • What does your business image say about you at work ?

  • Is your business image helping you advance at work?

  • What is your budget for your business image?

  • What is your business image personality style?

  • I am a guy and so I just wear a dress shirt and dress pants.  What is the big deal?

  • I've been at my company for several years and do a great job...they know my work.

  • I would only look at refreshing my business image when I interview for a NEW company, right?

If you are not sure that your business image is working FOR you...or that you have a personal brand or what your personal brand is at work...then chances are you could use a resource to help you!

There is no doubt that when people look good they feel empowered and get better results, achieve greater accomplishments and get noticed.

Accurate has offered executive makeovers, image training and workshops to meet the specific needs of its clients, whether corporate or individual.

Our professional image advisors recognize the importance of a good appearance and work with our clients to achieve a look that fits in with their particular professional and personal work and life styles.

Professionals, managers, business owners and other individuals from the New England region have trusted and benefited from Accurate Resource Group’s Image Consulting Services for over 30 years.

Call today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your questions and objectives and to see if we can help you acheive your goals.


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