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Career Transition Services from Accurate Resource Group

If you would like career transition support through the entire job search process using these techniques and MORE...please contact us to obtain information on our CUSTOMIZED CAREER TRANSITION PROGRAM which supports and guides the professional, supervisor, manager, director and executive through the land mines in the transition process!!

All critical steps in the process are covered and many VALUE ADDED information/resources that are NOT in the book, will help you move on to your new role SOONER rather than later.

  • IF you are not concerned WHEN you obtain your new role....Accurate's CUSTOMIZED fast track Career Transition Program is NOT for you.
  • If it is okay to have a trial and error path identifying what your next career move is, then this program is NOT for you.
  • If you want the effective A through Z SHORTCUT approach with your career transition guiding you...then this program IS for you.

We have been in the business of helping THOUSANDS job seekers identify and obtain their dream job roles over the last 28 plus years. If you are ready to take action that will start the process of your career transition.... We can help you transition effectively into your next CAREER role!!

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