Employee Wellness

Nurse in front of a group of peopleThere is a reason why "more than 80 percent of America's businesses with more than 50 employees offer some form of employee wellness program or activity" according to a recent SHRM Foundation Executive Briefing entitled "Wellness Strategies to Improve Employee Health, Performance and the Bottom Line".

The reason why employee wellness is important is that every company wants to contain health costs...and protect their most valuable asset..their employees! Effective employee wellness programs are critical not only to contain your company's healthcare costs, but to increase productivity, lower absenteeism, reduce turnover, enhance retention and to create a culture of wellness in your organization.

     Perhaps your company wants to begin the employee wellness process?

    OR you have begun the employee wellness process but don't have the infrastructure to put the plan in place that you want?

    OR you want to upgrade your existing employee wellness plan, but are unsure how to proceed or need assistance?

    OR you want to compare your employee wellness plan to best practices and add to it?

Call today and our Wellness Team of experts can help you meet your objectives! We will schedule a consultation for a blueprint of where you are and a customized plan to help you meet your objectives within your budget.