MONTHLY ALERT PROGRAM for Employment & Labor Laws in MA

business owner drowning in paperworkDue to popular demand from the small business community…..One of our newest services is our Monthly Alert Program which keeps you informed about upcoming federal and state employment and labor laws that IMPACT your small business.

The monthly alert includes, but is not limited to, what the deadlines are for employer compliance as well as how the changes translate to your company policy changes. It also can outline employer and employee responsibilities as well. These are a few of the aspects of MAP that we customized for small business.

Does This Sound Like You?????

  • Are you too busy to research, read, interpret and update polices, handbooks and train employees and/or supervisors in the changes in the law and also what the employer and employee responsibilities are?
  • As a small business owner you may not have time to track the changes in employment laws, but you ARE concerned that you may or may not be in total compliance?
  • Are you concerned about the financial downside of not being in compliance with all state and federal employment laws?
  • Even if you could keep up researching and tracking all of the laws, you don’t have time to take away from your core business to interpret, and implement policy changes that are associated with those changes in the state and federal employment laws.
  • You are good at your core business functions, but do not want to be, nor do you have the time to become your human resource manager as well.
  • You do not need a full time Human Resource Manager, just some HR support as you need it.

If you said YES to any of the above scenarios…….are you looking for a simple, timely and cost effective solution???

If so, you will LOVE our Monthly Alert Program that takes the worry out of state and federal employment law compliance!!

small business owner on laptop

What’s In It for You????

  • A regular update of state and federal laws that is appropriate for your small business.
  • An interpretation of what those laws mean to your small business.
  • Support with updating any polices handbooks, etc.
  • An understanding of what the law update for both employer and employee responsibilities are
  • Help with how to effectively implement these changes with your employees
  • Actual implementation where needed
  • Small business pricing
  • A la carte menu of support to suit your individual company needs and budget
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are in compliance

If you choose the MAP to be alerted, you can select from a menu of additional options that have been customized with the small business organization in mind and to meet the small business owners’ budgets.

For a complimentary assessment consultation to discuss your needs, questions and challenges and to see if this will work for you…
please contact us today to see if this is suitable for your small business!!

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* These services are not intended to either be legal counsel or take the place of legal counsel and are provided to small businesses to help them understand their role and responsibilities in the changing landscape of employer requirements.  For any legal advice contact your employment attorney as always.