Hiring Assessments

The addition of our hiring assessment services that drill down into the core competencies needed to be a top performer has been paired with our executive search and human resource search services. This pairing assists in helping clients identify not only the behavioral but the cognitive aspects of their candidates and how they match with the job requirements. This helps to ensure a long term fit within their organizations.

iceberg floating in the water

Do you know… that resumes, skills, interviews, references, employment, only provides about 10% of information needed for hiring a top performer?

Do you know....

  • What percentage of your hires will prove  NOT to be top performers within 12 months?
  • What percentage of resumes contains omissions, exaggerations or misrepresentations?
  • That companies that have too few top performers is a common complaint?
  • Incompatibility with personalities or culture fit can be extremely costly?
  • What is the cost of turnover in your organization?

The high cost of turnover in organizations is exponential. If you were to add the cost of salary, benefits, training, missed opportunities, unsatisfied customers and other factors, the cost to your company would be quite substantial.

We invite you to speak with us about our hiring assessments and how they can help with hiring the right people in the right jobs to help reduce the high costs associated with turnover. When you work with Accurate Resource Group, we can assist you in identifying, hiring and retaining top performers and help you to keep your hiring costs under control.

The hiring assessment can then be used as a tool to understand the strengths of the newly hired employee, the learning needs and how to motivate them as well as making successful decisions about job promotions. So, they are not only helpful around the hiring stage, but ongoing throughout the entire life cycle of the employee.