Spotlight on Talent by an HR Professional


We see many people who have the right stuff and can provide strong impact to an employer. They are the above average contributors that employers seek to hire. They would be a company’s typical A players.

Group of Business People

The key is what does your A player look like in your HR role? What type of HR professional, manager, director or executive does your company need?

Are you located in one state or are you a multi-state employer with employees throughout the country? 

Are you onboarding through a long distance HR professional and have several hundred employees or are you under 50 employees and need someone part time?  Without a strong HR professional keeping you on track, your chances of legal exposure rises.

Naturally, we would need to understand your culture and what your stakeholders are seeking and would correlate that information with the type of fit that the candidate is seeking as well in order to ensure a strong match for long term success at your company.

Once we understand your company, the culture and what your stakeholders priorities are, we can work with our assessments to objectify and validate specifics in terms of what the match will look like from the behavioral and cognitive standpoints. 

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