Talent Aquisition

Talent Acquisition Services: Hourly and Project Based Options

Rows of Empty Seats

Getting top talent into all of your seats is critical. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day...and so Accurate Resource Group Inc is here to help! We can  help with talent acquisition and provide recruiting services for a very cost effective hourly basis rather than fee based. Many of our clients prefer to work with us on their talent acquisition projects in this manner.


  • Executive Talent
  • HR Talent 
  • Others as needed in conjunction with other services

Clients have budgets and this hourly/project based program fits well into leaner and specified company budgets.

Some of these talent acquisition projects go hand in hand with our human resource consulting projects and we offer package pricing for even more cost effectiveness.

We can be on site at your facility to coordinate interviews with their managers. In addition, we can work with you on a remote site if that is more convenient.

Other clients want to use our facilities to conduct confidential interviews.

Some clients want us to screen resumes, use assessments to test candidates, administer their evaluations, or conduct referencing. Others want us to provide them with full cycle recruiting services. In other cases, if a company needs a contract recruiter for a specific timeline, we can assist at this level as well. It all depends upon the client need and how they want to structure the project. Naturally, we would meet with you obtain a blueprint of your talent acquisition needs and customize options that work best for your situation.

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Talent Acquisition: Benefits

The benefits are many. Certainly the flexibility of designing a solution that works best for our clients at a cost effective pricing structure is important.

In many cases we have worked with your company in other areas and already know your culture and already know the profiles and fit that works. In these caseses there is little ramp up.

In other cases where your company is new to us, we would be sure that we understand those profiles and fit that works, before we would move ahead. The benefit is that we have three decades of recruiting expertise and track record to meet your hiring deadlines.

The recruiting specialist or recruiting team/manager who works with you, has a track record of successful candidate sourcing, recruiting and working with managers to meet the hiring deadlines. They are good at developing relationships with your managers to understand the nuances and core competencies that will make the appropriate fit with the group or department.

Call today to talk to us about your talent acquisition needs and we will customize cost effective solutions to work within your budget!