Image Consulting

businesswomanAccurate Resource Group’s Image Consulting programs offer consulting to senior executives, CEOs, job candidates, speakers,  women's leadership groups,trainers, sales professionals and individuals looking to professionalize their business image and business presentation.

There is no doubt that when people look good they feel empowered and get better results, achieve greater success and get noticed. In fact when employees look better...they are more productive. Did you know that we can also help with employee retention as a more appropriate image at work can assist in an employer's ability to promote from within?? This is just one benefit of a good image consulting program for your organization.

We have been working with companies and incorporating the employee's business image component into our CLIENTS' employee wellness programs. We work as a wellness team to assist companies who want to reduce their health costs, cut workers compensation expenses and help their employees to become more healthy and vibrant  and productive on the job!

Once the employees work with our health and wellness partners, obtain the health supplements, shift to a healthy diet and get their business image in order, employers see the reduction in health care premiums and reduction in worker's compensation costs and improved attendance etc, as well! There are indeed many benefits to a good image consulting program for your organization.

We Offer Lunch and Learn Programs on Image Consulting

To see how your employees would answer these image questions, download our free Image Check Up List or Contact us for more information.

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