HR Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions for
Venture Capital Organizations and Individual Small Businesses

For the last several years, we have supported those companies in the merger and acquisition space for that HR due diligence process. We have worked with Venture Capital companies as well when they are going through this process with the growing companies in their portfolios.

Whether you are going through an asset merger, forming a holding company or a stock purchase, we offer human resource due diligence to ensure that all of the human resource moving parts are aligned when the merger takes place.

employeesFor MA headquartered companies who are purchasing another MA company or out of state company with one or more locations, it is important to perform a solid Human Resource Due Diligence process so that your new employees are covered under all of the new company benefits, payroll, 401k plans, insurance plans and that your executives have the appropriate insurance coverage as well. We help ensure that there are no gaps in coverage among other things.

For a Venture Capital Organization

We are the facilitator for the VC and work with the 2 organizations executives and controller on obtaining the appropriate health plan coverage, 401k plan coverage, and executive insurance packages as well as working with the payroll company to set up the new payroll account in the various states and giving them the appropriate unemployment, withholding taxes, obtaining state tax ids, unemployment Ids etc. for all states where there is payroll.

Also in this process we have supported company registrations in various states as well. This is a short list of some of the work that is involved.

For Individual Small Businesses

We generally work with the small business owner and the attorney to lighten the workload in this very specific area of the merger or acquisition.

Some companies have been very small with a handful of employees 5- 10 employees while others have been 40 plus employee companies merging with 25 plus employees in multiple states.

One advantage of working with us is that we enhance the HR transition and handle the transactions/interactions so that the two company executives don’t have to perform all the work themselves. We handle the HR component for the merger or acquisition for all involved.

If you are entertaining a merger, please contact us in confidence for a complimentary consultation.

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