Outplacement Service: Non Traditional Outplacement Programs

We also offer non traditional outplacement services  which assists people at all ages to move forward with career choices outside of corporate America. This could be well suited to management, supervisors, executives,retiring employees (who want to continue to contribute, but not at the same level) and others that don’t want to return to the career they have recently left.This program is for those who would rather look at a new path. For those who want to look at a NEW CAREER STAGE, we can help them with a new path with a proven program that gets results. The program addresses the large group of workers who need tools to identify that path and begin the journey on the new path…quickly.

It is a good program for people of all ages asking themselves… “WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP?” Does any of this sound like any of YOUR displaced employees???

LIVING YOUR PURPOSE – Outplacement Program

career pathsDo you have employees that may want a NEW path after their separation from your organization?? Typical Outplacement programs may not help these folks. This program would especially benefit, the group of highly experienced former employees who are really UNDER served in the challenging economic times which have spanned the last several years.

Would your company be interested in offering a progressive and cost effective option for these former employees who have served your organization successfully and loyally in the past years, but now through a reduction in force are no longer needed in your organization??

Would you like to offer another option that will give them tools to move forward with their careers as well as getting them off your unemployment roles??? It would be a WIN-WIN situation!

ARGI presents a PROVEN PROGRAM that gets results for many displaced employees who want to find their new career path. Much has been documented on this NEW CAREER STAGE that is not really well understood. Learn More…

Accurate Resource Group Inc has insight into this stage in a person’s career whether they are recent grads or more experienced folks, baby boomers, executives and others and offers this non traditional outplacement services to the employers in Central MA, MA and the New England Region.

It is a proven program that gets results. Perhaps this could be an outplacement program for those retirees who don't want to retire and who want to continue with a new career path doing what they already know! This is a terrific option for them. Call today for a complmentary consultation.

How Can You Identify These Employees??

Well some of them may have left your job roles at the management, supervisory, executive and or at the top of their careers. They may have a challenge finding similar roles at other organizations OR may find them, but for much less money. .OR maybe the jobs are simply just not out there. We are experiencing and may to continue to experience a jobless recovery in many cases.

We can help you identify the employees who might benefit from this program and would meet with you to work hand in hand with the process.

What Does The Program Look Like?

It is most often conducted as a six month program. It is all about the displaced employee and assists them in their next phase of their career. Many who have gone through the program are on their way on a new path within in six months.

This program is helping all kinds of people re focus, find their way in this economy to move their career forward. It is well suited for displaced workers in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s but is certainly not limited to any age group and is well suited for the new grad who has less than 3 years experience and others as well.

Classes are small, there is much individual attention and seating is limited. Call today for more information and your complimentary consultation on how it all works!