Small Business Hiring

Our small business hiring division specializes in helping with small businesses to hire top talent. Our clients can be small companies with a one or a couple to a handful of employees or those who have up to 250 employees. now hiring computer keyboard keys displayedNaturally, in a small business we know that your employees are your largest asset. In order to have good hires our small busines hiring services focuses on the fit that you are seeking as well as the experience and credentials that you need in each role.

Many of our small business clients like using our hiring assessments as a way to assist with not only the fit from a culture standpoint but also to get a good match with the core competencies that will ensure that they are hiring a top performer.

As the small business owner and entrepreneur you wear many hats and we can handle the sourcing, recruiting and all of the hiring process to ensure that you can concentrate on your core business responsibilities.

We will want to spend some time getting to know your organization, the culture you are creating and your vision for the future. These will all help in the small business hiring efforts to find a good matches for your organization over the short and long term.

We follow a due diligence process over the last 30 years which helps ensure a successful hire and a long term relationship with your employees as your company grows.

We walk you step by step through the hiring process and can assist you if there are any gaps in the process on your end. We talk to you about job descriptions and other related HR concerns that need to be addressed before and after the hire takes place. We know that you may not hire very often and that it is CRITICAL to ensure a successful process with successful outcomes.

Why not contact us today for a Hiring Consultation/Blueprint to see what needs to be done before, during and after the new hire begins employment, so that you are prepared and in compliance every step of the way?

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