Small Business Services

  ladder of success concept illustration design Our small business services which we call our small business concierge services was created to assist business owners, presidents, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to have resources that are usually more costly and therefore accessible only to larger organizations.

Our small business services specialize in assisting owners of companies with under 100 employees. Within this group we see needs that are specific to certain tiers of employees and so we created services to serve these tiers below:

  • We offer services that are relevant to the size of the organization and their level of budgets.

  • If you are looking to hire your first employee we can get you ready to do that!

  • We offer services that target small business from 0-10 employees and their level of need and budget requirements.

  • We also provide a second level of sevices to companies with under 50 employees as well.

  • In other cases some of the companies may have 50- 99 employees  and we assist them at a different level

  • Our HR Consulting, Outplacement and other services from talent acquisition through termination services can help them keep on track.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You want to set up your foundation of HR processes when you are small... so they can be scalable as you grow, enabling you to be compliant and offering best practices at all sizes of your organizational growth.

  • You want to be in compliance with employment laws.

  • You  want to create a good working environment for your employees that will be consistent with their vision for your company.

  • You want to be competitive in hiring talent from 1 employee and up

  • You want to retain the talent that you have. You know turnover is painful and expensive.

  •  You want your human resources efforts to be consistent with your company branding.

  • You value your employees and realize that they are the largest asset in your  business and so want to adhere to best HR practices as well as being in compliance.

  • The solopreneur wants to look at other revenue streams to help them grow your business. Maybe you have been in one business line for many years or just wants to add to revenues. We help them create new revenue streams.

  • You want to move ahead and generate additional revenue levels.

  • Our team of affiliates can help the business owner get more time or more money...depending upon where the owner wants to move forward.

  • You are not sure what to do or where to start and you may not be able to do this all on your own while running your business.

 If you are concerned with compliance,need help with HR, and may not have the time to learn all about HR while running your business, you would benefit from our  90 MINUTE HR CHECKUP. For more information and a quick and easy way to look at your  level of compliance/exposure..don't wait until you have a problem, be proactive and ask for help when all is going well.


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