The Year of the Woman, Volume II

Year-of-the-woman-is-nowJust Published….and soon to be on Amazon

“I didn’t only want to tell my story. “I wanted to make a difference.” -Kathy M. Barron, entrepreneur, author and small business solutions strategist


I am so proud to be included in a new anthology series, entitled The Year of the Woman, Volume II, written by 7 inspiring women (and one inspiring man) who have indeed made a difference.

Women have been making a difference since the dawn of time, but we haven’t been given much credit. And, for sure, history books don’t always tell our stories.

Powerful movements for women have gained attention recently, paving the way for future generations. While it’s important to acknowledge that we continue to struggle, we can also be assured that continuing to broadcast our stories can and will inspire others.

kathy barronA preview of my story included in The Year of the Woman, entitled: BUILD A GREAT BUSINESS – YOU HAVE TO WORK THERE TOO! – by Kathy M. Barron

After a number of years in the workforce, I decided to create my own business. First I had to find something I loved to do.

I had spent several years in workforce search, and so a staffing and recruiting business was a logical choice.

My plan was to delight customers, provide employees with an empowering environment, while paying them the income necessary to live satisfying, stable lives, raise families, and find ways to give back to the community.

I did it and we thrived.

And then my dad, who was my rock, got sick. But I had to keep going, because I had so many people depending on me.

I was exhausted, drained, and wasn’t sure I was going to get through it. I even considered closing the business. But – again – I kept going.

My ah ha moment came very early on when I realized that cherishing and maintaining an environment in which I was able to, not just survive, but thrive was as important as satisfying customers and supporting employees. My mantra became “I have to work here too.”

The turning point was when I realized that I needed to work less in the business and start focusing on the business. I was delighted with the “delegation process!”

I literally created a new job description for myself. It was challenging, rewarding, and FUN.

I created new programs, new services, new revenue streams, and hired other people to do the day to day work, training them in best practices.

Year-of-the-woman-is-nowTo learn more about exactly what I did, and how I grew my business to even greater heights, while at the same time reinventing my position in the company so that it worked for me ...


What you can expect from the complete anthology – book rich with life and business lessons.


  • Introduction, Patricia Noel Drain
  • The Year of Woman is Now, John Herrera
  • Trulee Happee, Annette Weigle
  • Huston...We Have a Problem: My Story From Being Stuck on Perfectionism to Taking Imperfect Action, by Julee Huston
  • My Journey of Finding a Partner not a Project: Life happens..., by Debbie Carpenter
  • Fierce Determination, by Cynthia G. Clarke Stand Up For Yourself, by Kathleen O’Herron
  • Build a Great Business...You Have to Work There Too! My Story: I have to work there, too!, by Kathy M. Barron
  • Women at the Helm, by Rosanna Hayden


  • Learn from a life-long perfectionist how to get unstuck from perfectionism p. 47
  • Find out how an author with one disastrous relationship after another embarked on a journey to find the right partner p. 65
  • Discover how a woman, who grew up quiet, shy, and abused, learned an infallible formula for standing up for herself p. 95
  • And … If you used to love going to work but now have lost your passion, find out how this author (me) regained my love for the very company that I founded – it might work for you too! p. 109
  • Take a journey with each author as they relate their problems, insecurities, insight into how they got help from others, and, most importantly, how they solved their problems.